To Aru Majutsu no Index II (17)

Report Card

Title: To Aru Majutsu no Index II
Date: 10/4/2008 – Current
Studio: JC Staff

Seasons: 2 + Spinoff
Episodes: 65/72

Average Rating: Dog-Shit
Current Rating: Dirty Dog-Shit
Popularity: Apparently, everyone loves dog-shit



Role: Unrelatable moron; main character
Archtype: Idealistic dickwad; reality hater
Plot Abilities: Able to manifest and utilize symbolism to win fights he would otherwise lose


Role: Unrealized love interest
Archtype: Bitch Tsundere
Plot Abilities: Able to disregard the laws of electromagnetic physics, so that the plot can continue


Role: Worthless, sideline cheerleader
Archtype: Jealous clingy girl
Plot Abilities: Able to say letters of the English alphabet, which summons deus ex machina to the field


Role: The only likable character
Archtype: Asshole Badass
Plot Abilities: Able to inject sanity into the audience; able to demonstrate pure “awesome”

Anime Metrics

Story Style: Monster of the month
Type: Shonen
Idealism Cynicism Rating: -10 (Scale goes from -10 to +10, with -10 being 100% idealistic)
Seriousness Factor: 10 (Scales goes from 0 to 10, with 10 meaning that the anime takes itself very seriously)
Idiocy Factor: 10
Likability: -10

Overall Score


Regardless, the new OP makes me wanna believe that this series is still able to redeem itself.

Torrent (DDL)


  1. My overall rating of the series stand at: (from 0 to 10 scale) 4
    I hope they have a worthwhile ending (preferable with the death of index) so i have a reason to keep this on my external hard drive. If not, i will happily delete every last one of the episodes and get on with my life(that i have so far).

  2. Funny review, now i’m starting to get a Macross Frontier part2 kinda of feeling.
    If Biri Biri gets a spin-off series, how come crazy-katana-wielding-saeko-san is not worth a single 3 lousy minutes BD special?

  3. The first season was a good watch, although it suffered from starting of really promising then losing the plot as it went along.

    Railgun was more consistent, not awesome, but watchable start to finish.

    For Index II, apparently it’s sufficient for them to roll 2d20 on a random-plot-generation table every week. And how is it that Touma still takes several minutes to realise that the solution to his current problem is “hit it with right hand”???

    Anybody actually still *like* this show or are we all just stuck waiting for it to finish because we’ve followed it up to now?

      • Watching this ep, partner & I realised we were mainly only interested in finding out if Railgun ever confesses to Touma. Somehow, I still find them endearing as a potential couple.

        If they leave that one hanging as an excuse for Index III, I’m heading east with a gun.

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